I know, we're not supposed to give away all of our secrets.

As a used car dealership, we're supposed to pushy and non-negotiable. At Carfinity, we don't believe in that. In fact, we LIKE educated consumers! We don't push or haggle you to death. We believe in treating people how we like to be treated, because we've all bought a car before. Too often, we see consumers who don't know where to start. All they know is what they've been told. Don't trust car dealers, never tell them what you have as a down payment or what you owe on your trade. If the car is priced at $20,000, they paid $10,000. Unfortunately, the old myths aren't true. So how does a new buyer know where to start? Well, a trustworthy car dealer as your friend is always the way to go!

So, we figured we'd make some new friends?? We're here to tell you HOW to shop for a used car.


You're asking to borrow money. The bank or dealership is going to find out the truth. You're more likely to get approved by being honest with your Finance Manager and asking their advice. They know the banks, and most likely have good relationships with their lenders. They can pull favors for people they like. If you waste their time, lie or bring in fake documents, you're chances of getting a favor are minimal.


Bring your 2 most recent paystubs, the most money that you can down and documents to support your address. If the dealership has everything they need, they're more likely to work hard to get you a good approval!


Check out the dealership's reviews before calling or stopping in. Research the car you're looking at with J.D.Power or Consumer Reports. Make sure it's what you want! Banks are weary of people who are unsure of the vehicle they are buying. Changing cars once approved is more likely to get you declined. Its all logic. A person is more likely to pay for something they truly want than a car they're not sure about.

When you go in, test drive the car before filling out a credit application. That will reduce the likelihood of having to change cars.

Also do your homework on pricing. Everyone knows that pricing has changed drastically due to COVID.


There's nothing wrong with asking if the dealership offers discounts, such as military, employer or student. However, since COVID dealers are struggling. The chip shortage led to a snowball effect, leaving used cars dealers especially, struggling to get inventory. The days of dealers having large margins are long gone. Remember they're a business with overhead, employees and trying to sell good cars. Beating them up on the price will probably lose you the deal. The fact is, for every car, there's 2 or 3 buyers. While we want and need your business, we simply can't afford any more losses. We'll be more eager to help you if you check the price prior to coming in and ask rather than assume. We'll be honest and do whatever we can to make the deal work!


Unless you're paying cash, financing is the name of the game.

-Katherine Bernardi